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  • McMurchie--Courts at Eastmoreland
    Added: Mon. Aug. 24, 2015
    Control of English ivy and planting of native vegetation on a privately-owned parcel adjacent to work being done on the Courts at Eastmoreland (formerly Eastmoreland Racquet Club), conducted in win...
  • Johnson Creek Canyon extension
    Added: Thu. Aug. 20, 2015
    JCWC received an OWEB small grant to work on the Johnson Creek Canyon restoration area. We were unable to use all of this funding, and received permission from the grant committee to spend the bala...
  • Kassandra's easement
    Added: Fri. Jul. 17, 2015
    NCED Site 985821 (Kassandra's easement)
  • Brightwater
    Added: Fri. Jul. 17, 2015
    NCED Site 985820 (Brightwater)
  • Ferrari Ranch Preserve
    Added: Fri. Jul. 17, 2015
    NCED Site 985819 (Ferrari Ranch Preserve)

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