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About the Marketplace for Nature

Marketplace for Nature is an online resource that highlights conservation projects designed to conserve ecosystem services by quantifying and reporting their values or marketing these benefits to regulated or voluntary buyers. Buyers and sellers can use the portal to find one another and conduct transactions off line. Conservationists, businesses, and government agencies can learn about ecosystem services and markets by examining the projects profiled on the site and consulting the many online resources made available to them.

Why is a Marketplace for Nature needed?

Many public and private organizations are experimenting with new approaches to conservation that focus on the value of ecosystem services – those benefits that nature provides which are not captured in traditional economic accounting systems. But for many conservationists and policy-makers, ecosystem services and markets are shrouded in mystery and too complex to ponder. The Marketplace for Nature portal presents details about actual, on-the-ground examples of different approaches to this challenge. Visitors to the site will learn which organizations are sponsoring ecosystem service projects, how ecosystem services are being measured, where ecosystem service credits are for sale, and where to find information on policies and programs designed to conserve nature’s benefits. It will also highlight lessons learned, and provide a place for innovators to tell their stories.

Which conservation projects fit the Marketplace for Nature profile?

  1. Wetland mitigation banks;
  2. Wildlife conservation banks;
  3. Conservation/restoration projects on private lands that have credits for sale, including, but not limited to carbon, water quality, fish and wildlife, and pollinator habitat;
  4. Projects on public land where ecosystem services are measured and reported;
  5. Specific locations where research on ecosystem services is being conducted.
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A goal of most ecosystem services programs is to quantify the individual services or ecological attributes. A measurement system will allow those who provide ecosystem services to sell them to those who have a need or desire for them.

New tools have been developed to measure habitat values for many important ecosystems at risk in the Northwest United States. Go to the Marketplace for Nature Portal to read more about habitat metric calculators, who developed them, and how they can be applied.

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